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About Us

Coimbatore's leading Luxury Property Developer

Sanbrix Properties has over a decade of experience in building both commercial and living spaces. At Sanbrix Properties, we believe in making an impact on the way , we interact with the design. We create environments that encourage extraordinary lifestyles by designing spaces that challenge the norms and support people as they journey towards their dreams and aspirations.

Our properties are an intelligent mix of beautiful architectural and elegant constructions. Renowned for creative designs and impeccable attention to detail, each Sanbrix residence reflects the sophisticated taste of its owners, delivering an unmatched premium experience.

We introduce an unrivalled standard of living by working with well-trained in-house architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction labours.

Our Mission

To ensure every project we undertake is built on the four cornerstones of good construction: Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Value.

Our Vision

To be the builder of choice for years to come.


Years in Business